Group Lead Experience

Transitioning the team to work from home due to Covid-19.
Maintaining clear lines of communication with the team whilst working from home.
Working with the team to maintain our group culture and dynamic whilst working from home.
Supporting the team through long periods of uncertainty due to the challenges of the global pandemic.

Managing a team of 6 direct reports.
Interviewing potential candidates to join the studio.
On-boarding of new starters to the UI team.
Managing new starter and promotion probations.
Setting up UI best practices and development guidelines.
Discussing and agreeing career goals and career direction with reports.
Monitoring and evaluating the performance of reports.
Supporting under performing team members via performance mangement.
Contributing to pay review and promotion discussions.
Technical assessment of planned UI feature development.
Technical assessment of planned tools improvements for UI Tech.
Maintaining UI Memory budgets throughout the titile.
Maintaining UI Performance targets throughout the title.
Acting as a point of contact for third parties contributing towards the UI of the project.
Working and liaising with cross site team members located at multiple sites around the world.

Programming Experience

Object Orientated C++.
Working to MVVM design pattern.
Working and maintaining code in a cross-platform engine.
Tools programming in C# and WPF.
JavaScript with Adobe ExtendScript.
Excel VBA.
Batch programming.
Using SDK documentation and following Sony TRC requirements and Microsoft XR.
Implementing debug tools to aid internal and external testers.
Debugging and diagnosing issues using platform holder crash dumps from live products.
Writing scripts to automate tasks.
Carrying out logical game-side coding tasks.
Maths including vector and matrix arithmetic.
Producing readable and maintainable code.
Debugging my own and other's code.
Maintaining high coding standards.
Contributing proactively to design discussions.
Follow rapidly changing design specification.
Scheduling and estimating tasks for deadlines.
Source Control using Perforce and TortoiseSVN.
Evaluating third party software as a replacement for existing tools.
Optimisation for memory savings using in-house and external tools.
Optimisation for performance savings using in-house and external tools.
Agile ( Scrum ) Development.